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Born November 20, 1982, Alpha Q is an American record producer and DJ. For over a decade, he has been one of the pioneers of Las Vegas' Hip Hop culture, producing music for local acts such as Poly Hylo, Samson, Youthinasia, Paria B, and others as one of the original artists of the widely known independent music label, Campfire Music since 2002. As a DJ, he has appeared in many clubs on the Las Vegas Strip performing as a true turntablist from Revolution Lounge-2009, Voodoo
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Photo by: Misty copyright 2009

Lounge -2009, Caramel Lounge-2008, Beauty Bar-2007-2008, V-Bar 2007-Present. Alpha Q, or DJ Lord Q, comes from a very rare group of DJ’s in Las Vegas who is prolific in the art of "Party Rocking" using 12 and 45 rpm vinyl records while embracing the new Digital DJ Era. He is also a part of the Turtablist Collective “High Definition” along with the much revered "First Lady of Hip Hop", Duwop Rose the Vinylist.

He describes himself as a “DJ and producer who plays an eclectic catalog of Feel Good Music. Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Disco...if you want to dance, I got you."

1997-2001: Early Career

Alpha Q found his love for turntables and drum machines at the age of 16. During high school, some friends, who were in a band, let him scratch on their record player during some downtime at practice. Soon after, he spent most of his free time painting, scratching records, and creating drum patterns using a Roland drum machine he bought from his neighbor.

Soon after graduation, he met Emcee Puro and began recruiting undiscovered talent to form a new hip hop collective. Alpha Q began making beats and DJing at local venues as part of a hip hop group known as Periodic Table(s); the group attained its name from their integration of most, if not all, the "elements" of hip hop culture.

Emcees (current and past members): Puro, Rawchild, Prophet, and Sun Jae.

DJ/Producer: Alpha Q

Beatboxer: Verbal Ase

Poppers/Lockers: Angel Escamilla, Mike Boogie

Bass/Guitar/Producer: Prep1, Carlos (citation needed)

After meeting a more established group by the name of Mechanizm, the group began performing at local hip hop shows like Knowledge in the Garbage, and Spitfire Lounge (event was held at a venue more notably known as Cooler Lounge).

Meeting Poly Hylo: Early Campfire Music Era

During freshman year of college, Alpha Q shared a class with Synickle, a prolific emcee and founder of a now very established music label known as Campfire Music.

Latest activity

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